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Modernize The Classic.

This collection is clearly related to fictional novels with singular eponymous characters. All Classics such as Madame Bovary, Frankenstein or even l’Homme Invisible are parts of this new collections released by J’ai Lu. Timeless writings which are constantly read by all generations.


Shapes & Colors

The logo shape is similar to quotation marks but also phylactery bubbles. Both are largely associated with direct speech. Moreover, the arrangement of the elements suggests severals entities in common place. Indeed, this collection deals with fictional characters to different personalities gathered in the same collection. The blue color refers to ink and drops.


Lane Narrow is a no-serif typography. One of the most trending these days. Its geometric shapes are the symbols of Modernism and Minimalism.

For book covers and marks, four typographies are gathered to illustrate the immortality and transcendence of these books.